Monday, March 26, 2012

"What Makes my Heart Happy"

Sweet Kim at Finding Joy in 6th left me a comment this week, that inspired me to write! (Thanks, Kim!) She noticed I hadn't written in a while and said she hoped I was doing what makes my heart happy. And, my friends, I have!

So I thought I would do a little update on my life and classroom with iPhone Pics!

Since I last posted, Valentine's Day has come and gone! A sweet little darling in my class gave me this ring. "It's real," I was told... :) It is "real"ly something, alright! Sweet that he noticed my affinity for large rings! My kids make my heart happy.

And, since nothin' says "I love you" like basketball, my Valentine's Day weekend included a Mavericks game. Basketball + Time with the Husband makes my heart VERY happy.

So, one of my post-grad school goals was to workout more. I really have no excuse not to anymore. I'm working on it! :) At the end of February, my husband and I ran the Cowtown 10k...Here we are, post race...

These last few weeks, I've been able to spend a great deal of time with family and friends! Spring break included a trip to visit family and a trip to the lake house! Bliss and happy hearts!

But the large majority of the time has been spent here...

If you teach 5th grade in Texas, you know that tomorrow begins our STAAR testing! I have been working like crazy to plan the best possible teaching and center activities that review all our concepts with minimal "practice passages" (although we've done a good chunk of those, too!) I have been so focused on my instruction, and I've literally memorized the 4th and 5th grade TEKS. I've worked to do a great deal of instruction in small groups. I have LOVED doing literacy rotations and reading novels and poetry with my kids! I hope to post more on these things very soon! I love teaching in small groups, that makes my teacher's heart VERY happy! :)

And each week, I've made a bit of time to sit in my mother-in-laws massage chair with a pile of magazines.

Since testing season is coming up for many of us, I thought I'd attach this video. I showed it to my kids today to pump them up before the test! It is a great scene from Facing the Giants, and my kids loved it! Hope you enjoy it.