Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Favorite Native American Legends!

A Native American Unit is perfect for teaching about legends and folktales! These stories carry many of the same elements, so before I read any of them, I like to show my students this Smartboard Program...

Here are the books and the chart I use...Not my prettiest graphic organizer, but makes the point...

Elements of a Native American Legend...Nature/Setting means how is nature incorporated into the setting..

(I mention to my kids that "The Rough-Face Girl" is more of a folktale/fairytale, but it can still fit the pattern. Such a fantastic story!)

Some of my favorite Read-Alouds of the entire year!!

These are all beautiful stories, and they reinforce many concepts I try to cover about Native Americans.

Tomorrow, I will go into more detail about my lesson for The Legend of the Bluebonnet!


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  2. Thank you! That is very sweet of you!