Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fascinating Blog and Hilarious Science Videos!

I got nominated for a "Fascination Award." What a nice honor! You can click here to vote for me...I was nominated for my post about my Sensory Details and Bacon lesson!

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And in other news, the Science STAAR test is coming up! Here's a secret, I LOVE my job, but I REALLLLLY miss teaching science!! So, I've been sneaking in some science lately to help my team get ready for the test coming up this week! We've done several non-fiction reading activities with science books.

But, what the kids and I love most of all is sneaking in some Mr. Parr science songs from Youtube! They are perfect to throw in here and there for a little song break! If you haven't checked these out, you must!! Each video is a pop song with the lyrics changed to be about science topics. The vocabulary and depth of the concepts are definitely grade 5 and up! Here are some of my classes favorites:

There are so many more, so I hope you check them out! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi Casey!

    Thanks for the tip...
    "The Rock Cycle" is debuting in my class on Monday!!!
    I just know they're going to love it?

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Oh, congrats on your nomination! I'm headed there to vote next. Thanks for sharing the video clips and for stopping by the Corner.


  3. Thanks for sharing! I am your newest follower:) Stop by and visit me...

  4. I LOVE THE ROCK CYCLE SONG :) Obviously I'm excited to have found these videos!
    To The Square Inch

  5. Congrats on your nomination!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Casey! I love your blog! I'm giving you the One Lovely Blog Award! Stop by my blog to see what it's all about!
    The Gypsy Teacher

  7. Hey there!!

    I have nominated you for a blog award! Go to my blog and check it out!

    Mallory @ {6th Grade} All-Stars

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  9. Hi there!

    I hope you can join me in my first ever Linky Party on "Preparing for School" over at {6th Grade} All-Stars

    Hope to see you there!

    Mrs. Crouse :)

  10. I saw that you had commented a little while back on The First Grade Parade about wanting to attend a North Texas Blogger meet up. We are planning another one and would love to have you! Check it out here:

  11. Congratulations on the nomination! I'll be sure to get on a vote for you! And thank you so much for sharing these ideas and videos. I'm always looking for videos to share with my kiddos! I've just become a new follower and I'm so excited! If you’re interested, I’ve just moved my blog and am having a HUGE moving sale!!! Everything {and I mean EVERYTHING from lesson plans to clipart} are FREE until January 1st. Come check it out! My blog is:
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    Love, Bri

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