Monday, September 7, 2015

Waking up the Blog

Hey y'all! I'd been toying with the idea of making a return to blogging for a few weeks, and came to look at my own blog for the first time in about three years. I'm shocked to see anyone is giving it page views, let alone still following it. So, thanks for not removing me! Here's what's going on...

Where have I been for the last few years?

Pregnant. That's where I've been. Pregnant and back a couple times, and I have two young daughters to show for it. I was a working mom for two years, but now I'm home full time. This fall is my first time in many years to not be setting up a new classroom! I miss school terribly. But, as my friend Kim told me, "You haven't stopped teaching, you just have different students." And aren't my pupils cute? I love spending my days teaching these two...

(Yep, I waited outside my local Target for 30 minutes before opening and then ran through the store at 7 months pregnant to snag that little Lilly for Target shift. I have no pride.)

Where is this blog going?

As I've taught over the last several years, I've become increasingly passionate about quality literature...Sadly, I've seen some poor literature in basal readers and other leveled texts, and I feel that there is too much great literature out there to spend time on what is not quality.  I have loved children's literature my whole life, and now it means even more to me as a teacher and a mom. I am so excited to spend a good portion of this blog writing about children's and youth literature. My goal is to inspire teachers and parents to share quality reading with the children in their life! 

However, there are a few cardigans (and dresses and bows and other things) to blog about in my world, and I'll be sharing those, too. Thanks for following along! 

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