Wednesday, June 29, 2011


In November, my classroom changed so much because I received my Smartboard! I have absolutely loved using this for many reasons. Of course, the Smartexchange offers so many great programs. But one thing that really captivated my students was when we used Google Earth on the Smartboard. For some reason, having the board on their level where they could push the buttons made it a bit more magical than just a projector way up on a screen. They loved "flying" to new places! The new Google Earth has so many awesome pictures you can click on.


  1. Hey Casey... You did it - you really did it! I am proud of you for creating this blog. Looks great. I can't believe you are moving to 5th grade, but I know you'll be great, as usual.
    Lisa Estill

  2. LUCKY! Are you just trying to make me jealous! I want one! :)