Sunday, July 3, 2011

Favorite Smartboard Programs

I love using the Smartexchange to find new Smartboard programs to use in different subjects, so I thought I would share a view of my favorites. Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher is having a linky party for favorite smartboard programs. Here are mine:

I love the "Daily Calendar Math" program. While I rarely used the calendar, I LOVED having all the different math review activities in one spot such as the money, place value and the interactive hundred chart.

Here is a super simple program entitled "graphs." This was actually one of the very first programs I used to get my second graders used to dragging objects on the Smartboard. It is also a great way to introduce graphing to young students. At the summer program I worked at, I even used it with Kindergarten students.

This program is one of my very favorites! It teaches about stars and constellations, and then student's can build their own constellations! Kids love it!

These next two are examples of the many pre-made programs from Smartboard that you can find on the Smartexchange. They are super well-done and have fantastic visuals and sorting activities.

I love using my Smartboard as a word work choice for Daily 5. Usually I pair up my students and let them take turns on the board, so that each student can use it at least once or twice a week. There are so many wonderful wordwork/word sort type programs on the Smartexchange. This is just one example:

Last but not least, Smartexchange offers some wonderful templates for games so that you can add in your own information.

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