Monday, July 18, 2011

Shaking up the Sight Word Practice

For one of my graduate school classes this summer, I had to assess and plan tutoring interventions for a student. Thankfully, a WONDERFUL family from my school allowed me to come over and work with him.

So, I had to plan some sight word practice, and I wanted to do a variety of activities. So, I did some of the ole classics, like "hit-the-word-with-the-fly-swatter", using the slinky to stretch out the words, and shining the flashlight on the words.

Flashlight with sentences...this REALLY helped him focus on reading each word, rather than looking at the first letter and saying any old word that started with that letter. :)

So, this child is *SUPER* creative! And he, went on to inform me that he had better ideas to help him, sometimes you just have to go with it...

He decided that instead of swatting words that he would like to be a hamburger cook and "flip the patties" (flipping flash cards!) He would read the word and flip the patty and then press it down like he was grilling. Of course it was complete with grilling sound effects...

Later, he would "flip and grill" words that could be put together in sentences, and he called them "sentence burgers."

I would never have thought of any of this in a million years. I teach older grades, so I don't usually do sight-word practice, but I love the idea of using spatulas or a cooking theme for some type of practice! Very cute. So, if any of you like this idea, take it and roll with it!

And one more thing, his other idea was for the toy skeleton to read the words...whatever works, right?

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  1. Love the flashlight idea! Also, his hamburger grilling idea is adorable. Thanks for sharing these. I follow you and enjoy reading your blog so much. :)

    Smarter Than a Fourth Grader