Tuesday, July 26, 2016

BabyLit Art

Children's literature illustrations are hands-down my favorite type of art. I think they're magical. One of my favorite children's literature companies is offering tons of awesome prints of their artwork.

When working to decorate Caroline's nursery, and then later her big girl room, I knew I wanted to decorate with some of these illustrations. Maybe another day I'll show you some more of those pics...

(And yes, I would tear apart a book for a picture. Still cheaper than buying a print somewhere else.)

Anyways, I found these precious books from BabyLit. The BabyLit books take an old classic such as Pride and Prejudice and uses it to teach counting. Sense and Sensibility is used to teach opposites. Emma is used to teach emotions, etc.... (Truth be told, my girls don't love to read these books, but I think they are super cute!)

I fell in love with the art in all of these books, but since they were board books I opted not to cut any up to frame the pics. So, I just chose one to leave open face on a shelf:

Cutest little Pride and Prejudice book!!!

My favorite page is the very first one!

I still think the little open book is pretty cute, but if I were doing the girls rooms again, I would probably purchase some of these prints from the illustrator's website.

Aren't these so cute and whimsical?!?! And, they have all kinds of themes that would tie into almost any nursery design whether it be nautical, woodland animals, florals, jungle, travel, pirates, and so on!

I absolutely love these prints...Check out these books or look into buying the prints. Either way, you will enjoy some eye candy with these illustrations.

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