Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What We're Reading Wednesday- Highlights for Toddlers

This post originated on my other blog before the consolidation...At the time, Caroline was reading Hello Highlights non-stop. Now, Molly Kate is the one loving these! :-) 

Highlights magazines always makes me think of a pediatrician's office. I loved highlights as a kid, but I had no idea they have a toddler version until my aunt ordered them for Caroline's first birthday last year.

Hello Highlights have become one of our favorite things. Caroline has had at least one of these read to her every single day for the last 9 months. She does not tire of them. And they are ALL OVER our house.

So here are some of the details:

*Geared toward ages 0-2
*16 pages
*It's smaller, has durable, wipeable pages, rounded corners
* Includes short stories, simple to-the-tune-of songs, poems, and the ole highlights "Find It" section
*Pictures tend to have lots of colorful objects for words you would be working on with your 1 year old.
*Filled with little parent tips for other ideas for using the magazine to further their language and literacy.

***Bonus, these are small and fit great in a diaper bag or purse, unlike bulky board books you normally use for toddlers. Great for traveling when you're short on space.

*****Bonus bonus, we have traveled with these, slept with them, spilled milk on them, etc. They have survived a lot, which I'm thankful for, because as Caroline outgrows them later, Molly Kate will still be able to enjoy them!

She has to sleep with one every night.

Caroline LOVES the find it page. We got the latest one in the mail last week.

She is currently 22 months. When we first got these, I would have her "point to the slide, point to the dog," etc.... Now, I just ask her what she sees on the page and she will tell me every word she knows. Now we are trying to add in shapes, size words, position words, etc. 

I think these are great for language development in toddlers. For about $40 you get 12 of these. I feel like I'm going to say this a lot on this blog, but I really think these would be an amazing Christmas or Birthday gift.

I'll leave you with a little video of my Billy Ray Cyrus Baby in mismatched pajamas. In this video she was 16 months. It is hard to tell, but she starts out "reading" a page that had a story, then she breaks into singing when she turns to the page with a song. 

I hope you all check out these awesome little magazines!

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