Monday, July 11, 2016

Favorite ABC Books Volume 1

We are always into ABC Books at our house.

This Play and Learn ABC book might be the greatest value of purchase ever made if you calculate the cost and times read. Honestly, I'm kind of tired of this book, because Caroline's been on a kick with it for 6 months.  However, some of this book's features lend itself to be done independently...

The book features a few textured pictures, flaps to lift, and includes colors and shapes. It's a pretty solid book all around for all of the words you would be working on with a toddler. 

We love our old ABC book, but this next book was too good not to share! I think your kids will love it.... A B See.... Look at that title?! Wish I had come up with it.

The letters are built from pictures of things that begin with that letter. Not only is this book super cute, but it is super awesome for identifying letters, working on words that start with that letter, or simply identifying pictures for toddlers.

And, it's textured which makes it even cooler! (and more appealing for kids!)

Caroline loves looking through each letter and finding all the items she knows. It has been a great carseat read for her. 

Now, a few of the letters have specific animals, plants or objects that were unfamiliar. Thankfully, the back has lists of what each letter is built of in case you need some help. ;-)

Both of these board books would make awesome Christmas gifts for any 1-2 year olds in your life!

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