Thursday, August 11, 2011

I ♥ Cardigans

Here is a post just for fun!! I LOVE cardigans, hence my blog name. I bet you love them too! It is still HOT where I live, which means it can get a little bit chilly inside. (A good problem to have.) So, no matter what the season may be, I always need good cardigans. I have many favorite brands, however I narrowed it down to my four favorites. For various reasons, here are my favorite teacher-tested cardigans, from high-to-low prices...

Lilly Pulitzer's Paley Cardigan

Isn't this lovely? The Paley cardigan always comes in a slew of great prints. It comes in solid colors too, but the bright patterns are great for days when you are using glitter! It kinda just goes with it! But because of the price, I don't wear these cardigans if I am using paint :) The sleeves are a little bit long on this cardigan, however I am 4'11" with short limbs, so this really isn't Lilly's fault.

Ann Taylor Loft's Dollman

The V-Neck and flattering cut makes this one of my favorites. I wear it ALL the time because you can wear it over any blouse. It can easily be dressed up or down.

Old Navy's V-Neck Cardigan

This V-Neck is a bit more casual, and it is very comfortable. I don't care to spend tons on clothes that end up with sequins glued to them at the end of the day, so I appreciate great prices for teacher-clothes.

Target's Merona Essential Cardigan

Of course, you can't forget the ever-faithful Target! I always find these cardigans on the sale rack for as low as $9.00! Like I said, sometimes you don't want to pay much for your school clothes. Teaching gets pretty messy sometimes! I love how light-weight this cardigan feels.

Happy Back to School Shopping, teacher friends!


  1. I am a big cardigan fan as well, I adore that Lily one in the print! I don't have a cardigan big enough to wear over a long sleeved shirt, but it is for sure on my list this year.

  2. Augh, cardigans! I can't wait to wear them again after this huge baby bump is gone! Surprisingly, the Merona cardigans are great!

  3. @Julianne, the Paley is one of the best cardigans I have found for wearing over a long sleeve shirt! @A Wedding Story, congrats on your baby bump :)

  4. I wore a cardigan today.. yesterday.. and plan to wear one tomorrow! they are PERFECT for teachers!

  5. I wear cardigans ALL the TIME! My classroom air is set on 68 degrees so I have the perfect excuse to wear cute cardigans every single day.

  6. I just found your blog. I adore cardigans. Love how with a good necklace or belt you can dress up a t-shirt/cardigan pair. They are comfortable, can be washed easily, and yes- Good Old Target comes through all year. I just found a great ruffle cardigan at the Ann Taylor LOFT outlet for $9.

  7. I just found your blog...and I love its name! Aaahh, cardigans just make me so very happy! The girls at school make fun of me because I have so many cardis.

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots