Friday, September 30, 2011

Primary to Intermediate Persuasion!

So, this might make me sound a wee bit crazy, but I have enjoyed transitioning into a new grade-level!! Teaching a new grade-level is like having a blank canvas to paint on, and it is DEFINITELY keeping me on my toes! :) But, of course, I REALLY miss my sweet second grade babies. Lately I have been thinking of all the fun I had with my class last year. I'm brainstorming ways that I can take some of my favorite primary stuff and amp it up for my big kiddos!

Last year, my amazing team worked on creating an advertising and persuasion unit that we LOVED teaching!

We learned about persuasion and wrote persuasive letters. Then, we learned about ad campaigns. I tried to really have them analyze the tactics of different forms of advertisements. ie, Jingles are supposed to be catchy so they will stick in your head. Billboards are supposed to be large and with few words so that you read them as you drive by, etc etc.

The kids worked in groups to create their own ad campaigns about a candy of their choice. They wrote commercials and jingles all on their own, and let me tell you, they were a hoot!!! Then, we created slogans and billboards...

(This one says "The Ultimate Kiss" was so hard not to laugh when they told me this was their slogan.)

As you can tell, I was VERY hands-off with these, because I really wanted the design, sketch, planning etc to really be their own...These sweet little billboards make me smile, because it is genuine 2nd grade work all the way!! :)

(The group above wrote their jingle to the tune of "Firework" by Katy Perry, complete with choreography. Absolutely hysterical.)

(Notice the "Gummy Bears are at CVS"? haha)

So now, I've got to find a way to make this into a 5th grade unit...I really want to do something with social media as a form of advertising! Any ideas?


  1. Hi Casey:

    This makes me laugh because last year we did our compare/contrast pieces on the candy cane flavored versus the mint flavored Hershey kisses. The taste-testing led to plenty of sensory language! They wanted to know if we could do this for ALL of our writing!

    Loved the posters--so authentic!

    Happy weekend,

  2. I love this and would so buy the unit to use with my 6th graders! Persuasion is something that they really seem to have a hard time with. I will dome some thinking and let you know if I get any ideas.

    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

  3. @Kim, your kisses lesson sounds really fun! Food is a great idea for teaching sensory language!

    @Katie, I would love to hear your ideas! I thought of some more ideas this weekend on ways to discuss persuasion tactics...I'm going to work on an anchor chart for this!