Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Movie in Your Mind: Visualization Activities

I know I know I know, I have probably posted about this book 4 times, but seriously, SO GOOD. Every lesson in here is so valuable, and I'm working through all of them...

So, in this book she discusses the importance of teaching kids about visualization. I feel like many of my kids struggle to form good mental pictures as they read which hinders their comprehension. It is great to discuss this and make them aware of their own mental pictures. I took several ideas from her book and made them my own.

One idea I love is having students write or draw their mental images as they hear various pieces of music. I used music from The Nutcracker, The Jurassic Park theme, and a few other pieces that had different tones. I LOVED hearing what kids were picturing when they heard the music. I think it is so cool to make them aware of what they are seeing in their mind.

Then, we used this book to help us continue our practice...

This book is perfect for visualization because it is hilarious, the chapters are short, and the descriptions of the students and teachers definitely paint a good picture in your head!

Here is what a few of my kids drew to represent their thoughts! Fun!


  1. Hi Casey:

    I LOVE THIS BOOK too! Sooooo many good ideas! You've prompted me to get it out again for some planning.

    Good luck with your Masters Portfolio/Presentation. I just know you'll do GREAT!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Oh my goodness.. I LOVE Wayside School. Great choice!

    GOOD LUCK with your presentation!! :)